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Computational Materials Science (CMS)


   CMS provides an Insight into the Development of New Materials.

  • Computational Materials Science (CMS) is one of R&D tools as like experimental science for understanding the nature based on the laws of nature. But CMS imitates the nature as a simple model and simulate the nature with equations on the computer systems.

  • Using the simple model systems, CMS can find key factors for developing new materials of desired properties from the complex experimental effects.

  • The experimental R&D has been usually conducted as the Edisonian method, trial and error. However, experimentally exploring large numbers of combinations of materials is time-consuming and economically expensive. Therefore, Computational approaches become very importance tools for researchers.

  • CMS can provide an insight and shortcut for developing new materials by guiding experiments in promising direction, and recently, CMS draws much attentions in the several R&D fields.